EtherMESH Overview

Completely written in C, EtherMESH is a patent pending mesh network architecture and implementation designed and optimized for low power wireless devices.

EtherMESH uses an optimized flood fill algorithm that conveys messages by ‘hopping’ through surrounding nodes. Unlike TCP, it does not make any acknowledgment with any other nodes. The node simply receives a message from a node, stores it in a buffer, and forwards it to all it's neighbors.

The advantages of EtherMESH design are;

  • The node and the radio are turned on for less time, saving power.
    • Sleep times can be as much as 20 mins or as little as 500ms, depending on the needs of the application.
  • Novel, patent pending, mesh processes significantly reduce message duplication and broadcast repetition.
  • Zero user config networking.
  • Small Size
    • Fits in low cost radios like the CC25XX series radios (8k ram) alongside user applications
  • Low Cost
    • Small code makes for low cost - CC25XX devices are ~$1 in modest volumes.
  • Interoperability with other devices.
  • Low Power
    • Listen/Talk/Process only as necessary.
  • Turn on and Go.
  • Minimal Configuration.

Interoperability allows developers to use EtherMESH with any other devices, and have the devices establish a network through EtherMESH regardless of SoC.

Nodes communicate as needed with EtherMESH resulting in low energy consumption. Parameters can be easily modified by the developer depending on application.

Network Meshing is established automatically when device is turned on.

Minimal configuration (Frame parameters, Channel, Start)

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